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  • Material: iron plating chromium

Material: iron + chromium plating
Color: silver
Dimensions: large diameter 15.5cm, width 14cm, bottom diameter 12cm, height 14.5cm
Weight: 225g
Product list: pot shelf *1 PE bag *1
Product features: 1. The three-compartment design is easy to receive, so that the pot cover can be placed firmly and not slide down
2. U-shaped central depression design, easy to stick the lid of the pot and keep it stable without shaking
3. Place the lid and cutting board on end, and let the water flow through to save kitchen space
4. Made of iron plating chromium, resistant to corrosion and thick and durable
5. Polish and smooth the hands without thorns, weld firmly, and do not hurt the hands safely
Product advantages: iron + chromium plating production, metallic luster, rich texture, three grid design, can be used to store the lid of the pot, cutting board, etc., to save space and make the table more orderly.


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